Social media firms faces huge hate speech fines in Germany

This article was originally published on: BBC news

Original Article: Social media firms faces huge hate speech fines in Germany


German ministers have approved plans to fine social media firms up to 50m euros ($53.3m; £42.7m) if they fail to remove hate speech and fake news quickly. Read more


Pepsi withdraws Kendall Jenner ad after social media backlash

This article was originally published on: Myft

Original Article: Pepsi withdraws Kendall Jenner ad after social media backlash


Written by: Shannon Bond

Pepsi was the latest brand to wade into politically charged territory, as the fizzy drinks maker was forced to apologise for an advertisement that depicted Kendall Jenner, the reality television star and model, joining a protest and offering a can of Pepsi to a police officer.
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Social media campaign against President Zuma #BlackMonday

This article was originally published on: East cost Radio

Original Article: Social media campaign against President Zuma #BlackMonday

Written by: Verlie Oosthuizen

A social media campaign named “Black Monday” called on all South Africans to wear black in solidarity and protest against the cabinet reshuffle by President Zuma. Our social media law expert, Verlie Oosthuizen weighs in.  Read more

Agent: Pandora’s Box: South Africa and the (mis)use of social media

This article was originally published on: Daily maverick
Original Article: Agent: Pandora’s Box: South Africa and the (mis)use of social media




On Monday, the government’s official Twitter account posted a stern warning to South Africans to desist from using social media in a way that could “disturb the economy”. This is not the first time that the South African government has displayed anxiety over its citizens’ behaviour online – which many take as evidence of an increasingly paranoid, securocratic state. As two recent reports show, though, there’s little doubt that South African social media can be a powerful tool for sowing dissent and fomenting conflict. By REBECCA DAVIS.

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Social media can be perilous for students

This article was originally published on: The daily  item
Original Article: Agent: Social media can be perilous for students

 Written by: Rick Dandes
SELINSGROVE — An agent from the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office on Monday night warned Selinsgrove school district parents of the unintended consequences that can arise when children go online, share photos or chat with anonymous friends.

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Social media is complicating crime scenes

This article was originally published on: Mansfield News journal

Original Article: Social media is complicating crime scenes

Written by: Lou Whitmire


MANSFIELD – Often people find out about the death of a loved one on Facebook.

The Ohio Revised Code requires that once a victim who dies as a result of an accident or crime is positively identified, a law enforcement or coroner’s official is required to notify next of kin. But social media is increasingly making that notification a moot point.


In one recent Mansfield violent crime, Richland County Coroner’s Investigator Bob Ball said he was preparing to send a uniformed officer and a chaplain to a family’s house to notify them their loved one had been killed, when the victim’s family members showed up at the crime scene. Read more